Feedback from Myasanda Burmese Kitten owners

“Chino is such a lovely wee boy & is fitting into our family perfectly. He’s started playing with both our cats & it’s really funny to watch. He’s sleeping in our bed & loves to snuggle under the blankets. Thanks so much for a darling social wee boy.” Sheree

Chino 5

“Oska has made himself at home, no problem. He has used his litter tray ( with confidence ) it has a hood on it, so he had to learn how to open the flap, and of course he figured it out first time. He knows where his food and water is. He is really clever! And of course we love him! And he  is the most gorgeous colour.

He has been busy exploring the house and does not appear to be frightened of anything. We have stairs and he was up and down those as if there were no tomorrow.

He likes looking out the windows. He is interactive, cuddly and talkative.Thanks so much.” Keren


“Hi Vicki, They rule the roost,  very tolerant of the girls and even the big cat is starting to want to play with them. They have sorted the dog out and both are very affectionate. The family love them.  Thank you very much” Mike

“Pocoyo is going well – he’s adopted the nick name ‘monkey cat’ & purrs when he sees Hazel. He’s just awesome 🙂 ”



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