About Myasanda Burmese

We are a small boutique cattery located northwest of Christchurch on a lifestyle block with a menagerie of animals, including sheep, horses, chickens, ducks and a Kune Kune called Elvis! 

My love of Burmese began with a chocolate boy called Gollum, which blossomed into a dream to start a breeding programme of my own. The name Myasanda translates from the Burmese language and means Emerald Moon. I spent around 18 mths showing Gollum and Indie, getting to know more about Burmese and linking in with the local breeders. I am a member of the Burmese Cat Club of New Zealand, and I also sit on the Burmese Cat Club of New Zealand Committee. I enjoy taking part in the local cat shows shows that are held throughout the year.

Myasanda’Purple Bush Baby – Supreme Exhibit at 2018 Southern Region Burmese Show 

Luna licking one of her bubbas 

I approached Nikki and Glen from Sox’N’Dots Burmese about the possibility of obtaining a founding queen for my breeding programme, and they generously allowed me to have a wee lilac girl that I named Luna. In an effort to expand the breeding pool, I also approached Genevieve Rogerson of Sashima Burmese in Palmerston North. 

Genevieve and her partner in the Sashima Cattery Julie Hansen, also generously allowed me to have a lilac girl that I named Misha. These two girls, although both lilacs and close in age are quite different from each other in colour and stature, but are chilled out relaxed girls who get up to lots of mischief!

Myasanda’s First Cream Boy 

Maggie and her mob of kittens

We also have a neutered Tonkinese boy called Yoda. We made a conscious decision to have our cats stay as indoor only, however Yoda had other ideas!! After many hours trying to prevent his escapes, we finally surrendered reluctantly as he worked out how to open the windows….He is the ultimate ‘farm cat’ – sleeps in the chicken laying boxes or the horse shelter, loves to go for rides in the wheelbarrow or on the back of the horse, and brings home the occasional hare!

One of the things that I love about the Burmese is their intelligence. They revel in an impromptu game of hide and seek or chase and problem solving is their forte! Energetic, muscular and personality to burn.